Interview Gijs Vereijken

Gijs Vereijken just received his Master of Economics, Netspar track, from Tilburg University. He completed his thesis project at the Dutch pension provider PGGM and Rabobank on the topic of “Balance sheet alliances between Dutch banks and pension funds.” Gijs is currently traveling through China while he decides exactly what he wants to next.


“Follow your passion”: why it is bad advice

It is often heard these days that, when deciding on which direction you should take in terms of study and career, following your passion is the best option. According to Cal Newport, who is an assistant professor at Georgetown University, the so-called “passion hypothesis”, which says that the key to happiness is to find a job that fits your passion, is both wrong and dangerous. In his book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”, he shows that there are other much more important factors that contribute to job satisfaction, and that a pre-existing passion isn’t one of them.


Insight in a week of the External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics

Before I will give an insight in one week in the life of the External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics, I will shortly introduce myself. My name is Ruben Tock and I am 22 years old. As a fourth year BSc Economics student it is my plan to finish my Bachelor this year. Therefore, besides my fulltime board year I will study during the weekends to pass my two remaining courses.


The exchange experience

At Tilburg University the fall semester is marked by students going abroad and spending a full semester within their degree at a university somewhere around the globe. The information for this article did not have to come from far, since within Asset|Economics there are many students coming back from exchange at the beginning of the spring semester. By now the spring semester has already started and we are looking back with Rutger Smids and Leon Bremer on their exchange experience. Both Rutger and Leon are now in their third year of their Bachelor Economics and Business Economics at Tilburg University and they are active members at Asset | Economics.

Excursion to the ECB and Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt

From January 22nd until January 23rd, nearly all students of the seminar Financial Economics, given by prof. dr. Sylvester Eijffinger, joined the Asset | Economics Frankfurt Excursion. During this trip, the students visit two major financial institutions, namely Deutsche Bank, one of the biggest in the world and headquartered in Frankfurt, and the European Central Bank. After having followed this tough seminar, this trip is a welcome reward for these students.

Wolf in Schaapskleren

Recognise before it’s too late!

In life you have certain expectations of the people around you and so the people you work with. Cooperation, law-abiding, honesty, loyalty to the company and loyalty in general are some characteristics you may expect from your co-workers. Of course envy, competition, egoism and even bullying may occur. Although sometimes these traits can cause severe problems, to some extent they can be dealt with. But when you are involved with a psychopath, it is a whole different story!


From Tilburg to Cambridge: interview with Maarten de Ridder

Last year, student Maarten de Ridder (22) graduated in MSc Economics at Tilburg University, scoring a 10 out of 10 with his thesis on wage rigidity and business cycle dynamics in the United States. After winning a scholarship, he continued his studies in Cambridge. We asked him some questions about his experience so far, and what he learned from his time in Tilburg. “My time at Tilburg University gave a solid background for Cambridge.”