Are men now the weaker sex in society?

Recently, the Economist wrote an interesting article on changing social relations between men and women on the labor market. For centuries, societies were leaded, created and protected by men, while women took care of the household and raising the children. In the past century however, women justifiably fought for more rights and equality, because the traditional gender roles are no longer maintainable in today’s complex society. This resulted in a big growth of the labor force in many countries, giving western countries huge welfare increases. But today a new, slightly worrying, trend is taking place on the labor market.


European Tax Havens

Luxembourg and Ireland are good examples of a Tax havens and also the Netherlands is a well-known country where companies can make deals with the government about tax arrangements. Many big companies like Apple, Microsoft or Starbucks uses European countries to avoid taxes. Also the company Amazon is using Luxembourg as a Tax haven.


Climate change: a chance for cooperation

Climate change has become a heavily debated issue in the last years. Last year, environmental economist Nicholas Stern presented a paper called “The New Climate Economy” at the UN’s Climate Summit, showing how countries could cooperate in addressing one of the biggest challenges of this time. In this interesting video, he outlines the most important features of his work. “We face over the next two decades two fundamental transformations that will determine whether the next 100 years is the best of centuries or the worst of centuries.”


The EBT has ended!

April was the month of the Economic Business Weeks Tilburg (EBT). Students had the chance to develop themselves and to meet recruiters and other staff from the several companies participating in events during the company days.

asset conference

The Asset Conference with interviews of Huub Dekkers and Dian van Rooi

Most of you probably heard of The Asset Conference. There was a lot of promotion about this event and it was also the beginning of the Economic Business Weeks Tilburg (EBT). The Asset Conference was a big event of Asset where people from different fields where invited to talk about a specific theme. The theme of this 26th edition of the Asset Conference was ‘progress / braking barriers’.


The rising world inequality

Without question, the past five decades have brought us a lot of good things like the internet, a huge increase in scientific knowledge and, of course, economic growth. Nowadays it is not more than usual that every village has at least one primary school with always a hospital nearby. This huge amount of public facilities is consistent proof that our collective welfare has reached to impressive heights which could hardly be dreamed of 60 years ago.