A Closer Look at the Nobel Prize

As of 1901, 791 men, 44 women and 21 organizations have been honoured with one of the most prestigious prizes in science; the Nobel Prize. Either in the category physics, economics, physiology or medicine, chemistry, literature or peace. This month the new laureates have been announced; a reason for “Off the Charts” to give you some in depth information about the prize.

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A talk with Ronald van Hees – Finance Director at CZ

During the Inside the Business Day almost three weeks ago, Off the Charts obviously did not only participate in the cases. We were curious about the participating companies and their employees. Therefore we took our chances during this day to get some interesting inside information about the cases, the employees and the job opportunities. This article will cover the conversation with Ronald van Hees, Finance director at CZ. CZ is one of the four biggest Dutch health insurers and has a large office in Tilburg.

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Will the Bank of England abolish cash?

The Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, has recently proposed a radical measure with the intent to avoid another recession in the United Kingdom. Mr. Haldane aims to ban the use of cash altogether and fully switch to digital money. However, is it possible to demolish a system that has been used for ages? For many, this policy proposal might be seen as taking a step too far, while others see it as a way to further improve our financial system.


The recovery of Portugal: an example for other countries?

On October 4th, the Portuguese population was able to vote on a new government for the first time since the bailout in 2011. Back then, the country had severe debt problems and a bankruptcy was avoided with an accumulated loan of 79 billion euros from the IMF and the EU.  After this financial injection the slightly right-winged government (a coalition of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) with the Christian Democratic Party (CDS/PP)) has been devoted to establish a sustainable Portuguese resurrection. During the past four years the Greek problems have been in the spotlights, but what has happened  in the meantime in Portugal?

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Inside the Business

On Wednesday September 23 the second Inside the Business Day was organized by Asset | Economics. CZ, Priogen, Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions, and Van Lanschot challenged the 72 participating students with a case. Students were selected to participate in two cases that covered the entire afternoon.

‘Robots are taking our jobs’

We have seen it for decades: robots, machines or other artificial intelligence replacing tasks of humans in our workplace. But in recent years the idea of ‘robots taking our jobs’ is rising. Not only blue-collar jobs, like workers in factories, have to be taken in consideration, but also white-collar jobs will be involved in this process.