The recovery of Portugal: an example for other countries?

On October 4th, the Portuguese population was able to vote on a new government for the first time since the bailout in 2011. Back then, the country had severe debt problems and a bankruptcy was avoided with an accumulated loan of 79 billion euros from the IMF and the EU.  After this financial injection the slightly right-winged government (a coalition of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) with the Christian Democratic Party (CDS/PP)) has been devoted to establish a sustainable Portuguese resurrection. During the past four years the Greek problems have been in the spotlights, but what has happened  in the meantime in Portugal?

InBusDay 09-23-15_332

Inside the Business

On Wednesday September 23 the second Inside the Business Day was organized by Asset | Economics. CZ, Priogen, Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions, and Van Lanschot challenged the 72 participating students with a case. Students were selected to participate in two cases that covered the entire afternoon.

‘Robots are taking our jobs’

We have seen it for decades: robots, machines or other artificial intelligence replacing tasks of humans in our workplace. But in recent years the idea of ‘robots taking our jobs’ is rising. Not only blue-collar jobs, like workers in factories, have to be taken in consideration, but also white-collar jobs will be involved in this process.


Sustainable Development and the Need for Data Collection

Just before its 70th birthday, at September 25, the United Nations will host a summit to adapt an ambitious post-2015 agenda that includes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Broadly seen, the SDGs are about fighting poverty, improving health and combating climate change. The progress that has already been made in these areas can be partly attributed to a recent shift in the development approach. While “wicked” problems like poverty and global warming are notoriously difficult to solve and can therefore lead to narrow thinking, the main consensus these days is that these sort of challenges are not merely of economic, social or environmental nature anymore – another reason why proper data collection is so important in today’s world.

Golden Carriage

An Exposition of Prinsjesdag

Every year on the third Tuesday of the month September the Dutch Head of State announces the budget and policy of the Dutch government for the next calendar year during the so called Troonrede. The main message the politicians and the king wanted to give the people this year is that the economy is getting away from the financial crisis. Almost all people will have a higher purchasing power next year. This positive message of course also has some downturns; for instance, not all people are going to be able to buy more next year, and students are not getting a college grand anymore.

Fodbold - Superliga - FC Midtjylland - Sønderjyske

Soccernomics in Denmark

Several professional sports have been intensively using statistics as a key element in their entire way of approaching their sport over the past decades. This was perfectly illustrated by the well-known movie ‘Moneyball’. This is a movie about the American baseball team the Oakland Athletics that starts a revolution in sports, from that moment on all the decisions taken by this team will be solely based on statistics. The revolution appeared to be a great success and ultimately helped this team with a very limited budget, from being a mediocre honk ball team to achieving a record-breaking winning streak of 20.