Clinton vs. Trump: Economic policy

Clinton vs. Trump

The United States of America are engaged in a remarkable battle for the presidency. With two eccentric candidates in the respected persons of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the duel seems to be decided based on who commits the least errors. Both campaigns are mainly focused on non-economic points and the agendas are very vague on the economical field. But what would the economic consequences for the USA in either possible outcome of the elections be?


“What is a typical Danish thing?”

“What is a typical Danish thing?” That was the most frequently asked question that I had to answer to all my Dutch friends and family after the first week I got here. I arrived here on August the 16th, and to be honest, I still do not have a one-word answer to that question.


Inside the Kitchen of a Company

One of the key pillars of Asset | Economics is to bring the student in contact with companies. That is exactly the goal of the Inside the Business Day, which took place last week. Over 100 people had subscribed for the cases of EY, RBB Economics, CBS and the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment. And a large majority joined the drink afterwards to share their experiences. EY was happy to notice that two students had applied for their Business Course on the very same evening: that’s the best news a recruiter can get.

Stanley Kubrick

Stairway to heaven

“Heeeere’s Johnny!”. I have been watching the 1980 horror movie The Shining this week. Starring a father (Jack Nicholson), mother and child who take care of a hotel in winter-time, the scenes are hidden in the snowy Sierra Nevada when there are no guests around. “Tell us the story about the murder in the hotel again”, the wife asks on their way to this temple of doom. Her husband frowns, “it’s long gone”. The story begins.

ecb building

Frankfurt Excursion of seminar Financial Economics by prof. dr. Eijffinger

Last Thursday, June 9, the master students of the seminar Financial Economics taught by Prof. dr. Eijffinger joined the Frankfurt Excursion organized by Asset | Economics. This year I, Rick Strengnaerts as treasurer of Asset | Economics, had the great pleasure of coordinating this trip and organizing it in cooperation with Prof. dr. Eijffinger. The yearly excursion to the European Central Bank and, as new addition this Year, Deutsche Bundesbank is only eligible for students taking part in the seminar Financial Economics. Every year it is a greatly appreciated trip and good addition to the course.