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From Tilburg to Cambridge: interview with Maarten de Ridder

Last year, student Maarten de Ridder (22) graduated in MSc Economics at Tilburg University, scoring a 10 out of 10 with his thesis on wage rigidity and business cycle dynamics in the United States. After winning a scholarship, he continued his studies in Cambridge. We asked him some questions about his experience so far, and what he learned from his time in Tilburg. “My time at Tilburg University gave a solid background for Cambridge.”

Sander Coenraad

The person behind two master degrees within 24 hours

Sander Coenraad, who has a Master degree in both Economics and Econometrics, tells us about his fruitful student life. After over 6 years of studying Sander Coenraad was able to obtain two masters within 24 hours last October. As this is a very outstanding performance I was wondering how Sander spent his 6 years at Tilburg University and how he got to obtaining two master degrees.

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

‘Studying economics makes you happier’

In recent years, literature on the so-called economics of happiness, which examines the (economic) factors that affect individual happiness, has grown rapidly. It is said that its findings have been a serious challenge to the economic profession. But what about the happiness of economists themselves? Two German economists have now estimated the causal effect of studying economics on subjective well-being.