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Red Square

Russian Contrast

Russia. An intriguing country that has a long history and is a major player in international affairs. You might have heard of it. You might have noticed it on a world  map (it is pretty big). And you might have already formed an idea, image or opinion about the Russian Federation. Which is not that hard, since it is just around the corner from Europe and provides plenty of news items for discussion. But what do we actually know about its culture besides communism, vodka, Putin, Moscow, and Matryoshka dolls? And how can this affect its economic situation?


Autism: a disorder or a valuable resource?

We have all heard about it and there is a very good chance that you know someone who actually has it: Autism. More and more research is done on this group of complex disorders of brain development. But what are the actual societal costs for these disorders? Or better, what are the possible benefits that autism could have for our society?

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The Healthcare Dilemma

We all want the best care when it comes to our health. Yet at the same time we don’t like increases in the money we need to pay for insurance. According to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics the costs of healthcare rose from approximately 80 bln in 2008 to 95 bln in 2014. And they will most likely be rising further in the future, especially due to our ageing population. It is important to keep our health system sustainable. In the future, people also deserve the healthcare they need.

Sweden: the first cashless society?

Imagine a world without cash money. Everything you pay is done automatically, be it via bank cards or via electronic devices like mobile phones. Sweden is the first country in the world where this might happen in the near future. Even street vendors use nowadays mobile card readers to compensate for their lost income due to people who barely use cash anymore.


Pride and Prejudice

In January this year, I paid a visit to Naples. It was in the end of my exchange period in Budapest. I wanted to see if there were some cheap flights to warmer places. Budapest is a winter wonderland as long as there’s snow, but as soon as the snow has molten the city becomes an open-air ice bar – only without the free shots.

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We Are Free to Make Our Own Decisions! Really?

Watch this movie where Dan Ariely shows you that the framing of situations affects the choices you make. In his talk he questions the control we have over our own decisions. Find out that different donor registration systems tremendously changes the percentage of people that decides to be donor.  Discover that magazine subscription prices are strategically set. Hear who you should take with you when you go out to make sure you will find a flirt.

Artificial Intelligence and our daily lives

Artificial Intelligence is a term we know for ages. The ancient Greeks already had some ideas and philosophized about robots with human intelligence. With the Digital Revolution or ‘Digital Age’ of past years, AI has become more and more visible in our societies and our daily lives. The presence of AI will become even bigger in the coming years. There is a lot of debate surrounding Artificial Intelligence and its implications for future societies and humans in general.