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Big data will change the product market

It has been a tough week and you have therefore decided to reward yourself with a present. You visit your favorite website and order that fresh pair of new sneakers or brand new smartphone that you have been looking at for months now. You quickly walk through the ordering process and happily click the ‘confirm’ button as the final step to complete the transaction. Within minutes later the doorbell rings, and yes indeed if you open the door the just ordered package has arrived. Sounds fairly impossible right? It is not according to the American e-commerce company Amazon, who was granted a patent on a ‘method and system for anticipatory package shipping’ in the end of 2013.


Career prospect: just graduated Tessa van Acht

After four years of studying at Tilburg University, Tessa van Acht graduated for the master Economics during the summer of 2015. Currently trying to get my master’s degree I am interested in how Tessa is doing now. What job did she find and how did she manage to do it? You can read below a possible career path of a recently graduated Master Economics student.


Why not introduce a Carbon Tax?

Climate change is one of the hot topics lately. With ideas on recycling, the circular economy, renewable energy sources, electric cars, solar panels, and many others, the discussion on how to attack this problem has really taken off. It did not only raise the interest of consumers and producers, but with the start of the 21st Conference Of the Parties (COP21) in Paris last week, the discussion also got the attention of political leaders of 195 countries. To add to the discussion we will introduce you to the carbon tax. We asked Professor Daan van Soest, environmental economist at Tilburg University, to explain us a thing or two about this Carbon Tax.


An interview with Tim Vodegel, trainee at the ECB

On yearly basis hundreds of students in several bachelors and masters graduate at Tilburg University. Many of them end up working at one of the multinationals located in the Netherlands, like Philips and EY. Last summer Tim Vodegel graduated as well and completed his master in Economics, but this 22 years old student followed a totally different career path. As of September 2015 he works as a trainee for the monetary heart of Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt. In an interview with ‘Off the Charts’ this former Dutch student tells us something about his experiences as a trainee at the ECB and how this differs from working in the Netherlands.


Interview: Joost Slabbekoorn tells us about his career during and after his study

Some people are afraid that the best part of their life comes to an end after their study is finished. We wanted to show that this is definitely not always the case, so we decided to ask Asset | Economics’ former chairman Joost Slabbekoorn how he has been doing after his graduation in 2014. He tells us about his interesting traineeship at APG and reflects on his time as a student and a board member.


From Tilburg to Cambridge: interview with Maarten de Ridder

Last year, student Maarten de Ridder (22) graduated in MSc Economics at Tilburg University, scoring a 10 out of 10 with his thesis on wage rigidity and business cycle dynamics in the United States. After winning a scholarship, he continued his studies in Cambridge. We asked him some questions about his experience so far, and what he learned from his time in Tilburg. “My time at Tilburg University gave a solid background for Cambridge.”