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The rising world inequality

Without question, the past five decades have brought us a lot of good things like the internet, a huge increase in scientific knowledge and, of course, economic growth. Nowadays it is not more than usual that every village has at least one primary school with always a hospital nearby. This huge amount of public facilities is consistent proof that our collective welfare has reached to impressive heights which could hardly be dreamed of 60 years ago.


Bankers’ compensation

Last week there was a lot of commotion around the salaries of the board of directors at ABN AMRO. The directors would all get €100,000 extra on their pay check. This resulted in a lot of disagreement among the Dutch inhabitants as well as some politicians. Besides that, the minister of Finance, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, had already advised ABN AMRO not to increase the wages of their top bankers. After all this commotion the bankers of the Dutch bank decided not to accept the extra €100,000. There was not only debate about the salaries at ABN AMRO, also the top bankers at ING and Nationale Nederlanden will get a substantial increase in their salaries.

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Euro-rage: anti-austerity riots against the ECB

Last week, during the opening of its new 1.3 billion euros headquarters building in Frankfurt, violent protests broke out outside the offices of the European Central Bank (ECB). Hundreds of protestors were detained, after police cars were set on fire and windows were shattered. The demonstration, which was organized by the anti-capitalist movement “Blockupy”, was aimed at the so-called “troika”, consisting of the ECB, the IMF and the European Commission. It is responsible for imposing and monitoring the austerity program that should solve the Greek government debt crisis. 

Wolf in Schaapskleren

Recognise before it’s too late!

In life you have certain expectations of the people around you and so the people you work with. Cooperation, law-abiding, honesty, loyalty to the company and loyalty in general are some characteristics you may expect from your co-workers. Of course envy, competition, egoism and even bullying may occur. Although sometimes these traits can cause severe problems, to some extent they can be dealt with. But when you are involved with a psychopath, it is a whole different story!