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Scoring Rewards in Football

A lot of football leagues and competitions have reached their end of the season and the champions were honoured. Their fans have celebrated immensely and gazed upon those shiny trophies. Besides honour and gratitude, a championship brings financial rewards on multiple levels. Do you know for example how much the UEFA spends annually on prize money in both the Europa and the Champions League? Or how much the revenue streams are in the Eredivisie and the Premier League? Let’s find out!

The Leicester City fairytale

Leicester City wrote a true fairytale by winning their first Premier League title. You would now be running to the English bookmakers to collect your £5000, if you had, in a wave of optimism, placed a bet of £1 at the beginning of the season on ‘Leicester’ winning the Premier League –the same odds as finding Elvis Presley alive. An astonishing performance by a club who almost relegated the season before. It will enter the history books as one of the most remarkable success stories in professional football. In this article I will highlight some of the interesting facts, for us as statistics loving economists, of this success story and see how their competitors scored on that level.


Google, Android and antitrust charges: what’s the deal?

Last week, the European Commission (EC) announced that it is expanding its battle with Google, alleging the company of abusive behavior by giving a preferential treatment to its own apps in its mobile operating system Android, thereby restricting consumer choice and distorting the innovation process. It is not the first time that the EC goes after a tech giant: three years ago, Microsoft was fined 561 million Euros after it failed to promote other web browsers, rather than just Internet Explorer, after a long dispute with the Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition. Does Google face a similar battle?

Uncle Sam goodED

Privacy at stake: American practices on Dutch soil

Media were obsessed by it. It created headlines all over the world and was deemed a watershed moment in the big data era. We’re talking about the Apple vs. US government case. The charge? Apple was forced to supply data to the US government after the Boston bomb attacks had occurred. In order to trace the criminals responsible for this gruesome act. A just cause, it seemed. But Apple refused because of privacy reasons. No matter how urgent the case, the US government had no right to poke its nose into millions of people’s data. 


Running for media attention

Most popular news item on Dutch television these weeks are the elections in the United States, where several candidates fight for the presidential nomination of the Republican- and Democratic Party. All right, the United States is a big country and it is one of the big trading partners of the Netherlands, but why so much attention for the elections in the United States and not for the state elections in Germany, our major trading partner?


Donald J. Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nominees, increased his chances to become the future President of United States after winning in 12 states. Nowadays, it seems that the presidential politics is about the characteristics more than it is about the proposed policies. Trump is arrogant, shameless, unapologetic, rude and the focal point of attention in any room he walks into. Trump, as any other right wing candidate, makes big promises to the angry white middle-class who were disappointed by the previous administration under George W. Bush and Barack Obama. These personal tracks make him appealing to some voters who are in need of an extravagant leader. Trump’s economic solutions to make America great again can be summarized by the term: “Trumponomics”. Immigration reform, tax cuts and trade reform are the three-pillars on which Trumponomics rests.


Dating and Mating through the Eyes of an Economist

The Economics study is often seen as a very practical, hard and feeling less way to approach the world. However, do not underestimate the use of calculations in daily life, knowledge sometimes is power. One of the most magical and difficult things in our existence is finding the love of your life. True love is something that we believe we cannot influence too much. Now it seems that an economic approach on dating can give valuable insights into dating and mating. Many problems arise in matching that are common in economics. For instance, finding a job might not be very different from finding a partner. Both parties should be happy to be matched.

Guest Blogger Max Pepels, China’s recession: why concerns about China’s economy are exaggerated

As of the start of 2016, the AEX index showed a negative return. Recently, February 11th, the index fell from a level of 442 points on January 1st to just 382 points; this decline amounts to a return of -13,5% in just 6 weeks. The reason for this decline: concerns about a cooling down of the Chinese economy. The key indices in China also showed a loss of 7% for several days in January, which led to a trading shut down on these days. An apparently necessary devaluation of the Yuan, the Chinese currency, made investors more worried about growth in China. However, in my opinion, these worries are exaggerated and there are several bright spots on the horizon that are forgotten in times of ‘unrest’.