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“What is a typical Danish thing?”

“What is a typical Danish thing?” That was the most frequently asked question that I had to answer to all my Dutch friends and family after the first week I got here. I arrived here on August the 16th, and to be honest, I still do not have a one-word answer to that question.


Inside the Kitchen of a Company

One of the key pillars of Asset | Economics is to bring the student in contact with companies. That is exactly the goal of the Inside the Business Day, which took place last week. Over 100 people had subscribed for the cases of EY, RBB Economics, CBS and the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment. And a large majority joined the drink afterwards to share their experiences. EY was happy to notice that two students had applied for their Business Course on the very same evening: that’s the best news a recruiter can get.


When electricity prices disappoint

Lately prices for electricity have fallen. Although the decreases have not been outrageous, it causes for trouble especially for the “green” investors. Energy companies that invested in e.g. windmills and solar panels might find their investments to yield insufficient returns. What does this mean for Europe’s renewable energy aspirations?

Soccer Stadium

Scoring Rewards in Football

A lot of football leagues and competitions have reached their end of the season and the champions were honoured. Their fans have celebrated immensely and gazed upon those shiny trophies. Besides honour and gratitude, a championship brings financial rewards on multiple levels. Do you know for example how much the UEFA spends annually on prize money in both the Europa and the Champions League? Or how much the revenue streams are in the Eredivisie and the Premier League? Let’s find out!

The Leicester City fairytale

Leicester City wrote a true fairytale by winning their first Premier League title. You would now be running to the English bookmakers to collect your £5000, if you had, in a wave of optimism, placed a bet of £1 at the beginning of the season on ‘Leicester’ winning the Premier League –the same odds as finding Elvis Presley alive. An astonishing performance by a club who almost relegated the season before. It will enter the history books as one of the most remarkable success stories in professional football. In this article I will highlight some of the interesting facts, for us as statistics loving economists, of this success story and see how their competitors scored on that level.


Google, Android and antitrust charges: what’s the deal?

Last week, the European Commission (EC) announced that it is expanding its battle with Google, alleging the company of abusive behavior by giving a preferential treatment to its own apps in its mobile operating system Android, thereby restricting consumer choice and distorting the innovation process. It is not the first time that the EC goes after a tech giant: three years ago, Microsoft was fined 561 million Euros after it failed to promote other web browsers, rather than just Internet Explorer, after a long dispute with the Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition. Does Google face a similar battle?