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Interview: Joost Slabbekoorn tells us about his career during and after his study

Some people are afraid that the best part of their life comes to an end after their study is finished. We wanted to show that this is definitely not always the case, so we decided to ask Asset | Economics’ former chairman Joost Slabbekoorn how he has been doing after his graduation in 2014. He tells us about his interesting traineeship at APG and reflects on his time as a student and a board member.

Are men now the weaker sex in society?

Recently, the Economist wrote an interesting article on changing social relations between men and women on the labor market. For centuries, societies were leaded, created and protected by men, while women took care of the household and raising the children. In the past century however, women justifiably fought for more rights and equality, because the traditional gender roles are no longer maintainable in today’s complex society. This resulted in a big growth of the labor force in many countries, giving western countries huge welfare increases. But today a new, slightly worrying, trend is taking place on the labor market.

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The Asset Conference with interviews of Huub Dekkers and Dian van Rooi

Most of you probably heard of The Asset Conference. There was a lot of promotion about this event and it was also the beginning of the Economic Business Weeks Tilburg (EBT). The Asset Conference was a big event of Asset where people from different fields where invited to talk about a specific theme. The theme of this 26th edition of the Asset Conference was ‘progress / braking barriers’.

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Prepare today, stand out tomorrow. It sounds like a cliché, but it is undeniably the truth. It is not self-evident anymore that you will land a job immediately after you graduated. If you want that job you have been dreaming of, you should prepare yourself on the challenges ahead on the job market. Because of the mass of students graduating every year, recruiters set high standards which make it challenging to stand out of the crowd.


Interview Gijs Vereijken

Gijs Vereijken just received his Master of Economics, Netspar track, from Tilburg University. He completed his thesis project at the Dutch pension provider PGGM and Rabobank on the topic of “Balance sheet alliances between Dutch banks and pension funds.” Gijs is currently traveling through China while he decides exactly what he wants to next.


“Follow your passion”: why it is bad advice

It is often heard these days that, when deciding on which direction you should take in terms of study and career, following your passion is the best option. According to Cal Newport, who is an assistant professor at Georgetown University, the so-called “passion hypothesis”, which says that the key to happiness is to find a job that fits your passion, is both wrong and dangerous. In his book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”, he shows that there are other much more important factors that contribute to job satisfaction, and that a pre-existing passion isn’t one of them.


Insight in a week of the External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics

Before I will give an insight in one week in the life of the External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics, I will shortly introduce myself. My name is Ruben Tock and I am 22 years old. As a fourth year BSc Economics student it is my plan to finish my Bachelor this year. Therefore, besides my fulltime board year I will study during the weekends to pass my two remaining courses.