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Career prospect: just graduated Tessa van Acht

After four years of studying at Tilburg University, Tessa van Acht graduated for the master Economics during the summer of 2015. Currently trying to get my master’s degree I am interested in how Tessa is doing now. What job did she find and how did she manage to do it? You can read below a possible career path of a recently graduated Master Economics student.

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50 Porsches and Mark Rutte: the Economics Dinner in a nutshell

There was once a beautiful December evening in Tilburg. The food tasted delicious and was served magnificently, the attendees were dressed up very classy, the moon was shining through the trees, it was a wonderful evening. It all sounded too good to be true, but it actually was. This in short was the story of the fifth edition of the Economics Dinner, hosted by one of the committees of Asset | Economics. Let me briefly take you through my evening as a participant of this recruitment dinner at Villa de Vier Jaargetijden, from the moment I entered this ancient building until the last sip of a Hertog Jan Beer. 

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Working at Van Lanschot

Van Lanschot is the oldest independent private bank of the Netherlands and was founded in 1737. The bank is specialized in private banking and is therefore relatively small but still strongly present with 36 offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. The bank was participating at the last edition of the Inside the Business Day, organized by Asset | Economics. During that day we spoke with Anniek Braat, recruiter at Van Lanschot, to ask her about career opportunities at Van Lanschot.

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Working at Rembrandt

As a student you are busy preparing yourself for a future career. During the years spent at university a lot of things have to be done for this. Obviously, students need to get their degree, should orientate on companies that suit their interests, develop as much skills as possible and at the same time enjoy life as a student. In this article you can read how to prepare for a career at Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames. If you are interested in working at that company, please continue reading.


An interview with Tim Vodegel, trainee at the ECB

On yearly basis hundreds of students in several bachelors and masters graduate at Tilburg University. Many of them end up working at one of the multinationals located in the Netherlands, like Philips and EY. Last summer Tim Vodegel graduated as well and completed his master in Economics, but this 22 years old student followed a totally different career path. As of September 2015 he works as a trainee for the monetary heart of Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt. In an interview with ‘Off the Charts’ this former Dutch student tells us something about his experiences as a trainee at the ECB and how this differs from working in the Netherlands.


Working at Priogen: what is it like?

During the last edition of the Inside the Business Day, organized by Asset | Economics, one of the attending companies was Priogen, an energy trading company that is located in Amsterdam. Since 2009, Priogen trades in European electricity and natural gas. Besides that, it is active in sourcing and optimizing. We spoke with one of its employees that presented the case, Anna-Maria Zografou, who is an alumna at Tilburg University after obtaining her Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science.

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A talk with Ronald van Hees – Finance Director at CZ

During the Inside the Business Day almost three weeks ago, Off the Charts obviously did not only participate in the cases. We were curious about the participating companies and their employees. Therefore we took our chances during this day to get some interesting inside information about the cases, the employees and the job opportunities. This article will cover the conversation with Ronald van Hees, Finance director at CZ. CZ is one of the four biggest Dutch health insurers and has a large office in Tilburg.