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My internship at Philips

‘What do you want to do after school?’ This is a question they start asking you when you are very little. The answer used to be something like a firefighter, princess, professional football player, astronaut etc. But the older you get, the more serious they expect your answer to be. I have found that this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. To help solve the problem of not knowing what to do (and I’ll admit, to postpone my decision for a year), I decided to do an internship.


Learning from other’s experiences- an interview with Dimitra Karmi

In my first article, I started a train of thought about working in the Netherlands as an international student. First of all, I wanted to look at all the positive aspects and advantages of doing this. After all, your attitude towards a particular matter can sometimes be a strong factor of success. This train, however, will not keep going only with good attitude. This article brings a bit more of substance and specifically, some experience to the story.


Governmental Economics Tour

One of the vital questions in your Economics master is: “Where would you like to start working after graduation?” In order to help you with this choice study associations and your university organize all kinds of events.
I have been to the Ministry of Finance, the Dutch Central Bank, Deloitte, the European Investment Bank and European Court of Audits last week during the Governmental Economics Tour. This event was a series of in-house days with special interest in us from the companies, since there was an elaborate CV-selection. A typical day would include a presentation by the company, a case, and a lunch or drink.

Economen bootcam

Job Hunting

Some months ago, I wrote about my adventure of studying Spanish in Valencia. At this moment, I am back in the game. Back in the Netherlands and deep into the process of searching for jobs. The student life is really ending right now. A new adventure may start soon, hopefully! The question is: how do you find out what you want to do? One of the things to do is visiting InHouse days. So, that is what I did on Wednesday 18th of January. Early in the morning I took the train to The Hague. Off to the “Economen Bootcamp” of the Dutch government.


Policy advising: my experience as Parliament intern

“Let’s assume” these are the words that are often at the beginning of every economic argument. At University we learn to think about ‘what happens if’, but only using a certain starting situation. Reality is different. In reality policy advices are never (no, not almost – I really mean never) directly translated into laws and regulation.
In democracies such as the one you find in the Netherlands, these suggestions are first thoroughly inspected by the parliament, and in the Netherlands the interesting stuff tends to happen in the Second Chamber of that parliament. For the past 4 months I have had the pleasure of working as an parliament intern (as I will for the coming months during amongst other the elections).
This has lent me a different perspective as compared to when I was studying Economics as Tilburg University. And when I say difficult I would with some hesitation argue that my perspective is now more complete, which is why I’m honoured to be able to share this on Off the Charts.


Inside the Kitchen of a Company

One of the key pillars of Asset | Economics is to bring the student in contact with companies. That is exactly the goal of the Inside the Business Day, which took place last week. Over 100 people had subscribed for the cases of EY, RBB Economics, CBS and the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment. And a large majority joined the drink afterwards to share their experiences. EY was happy to notice that two students had applied for their Business Course on the very same evening: that’s the best news a recruiter can get.