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Life as External Affairs Officer at Asset | Economics

In this article, you will get an insight in the activities I am busy with during my function as External Affairs Officer at Asset | Economics. There are multiple tasks I am responsible for within our Board, but the most important one is maintaining contact with our partners. Probably many people already know and understand that I am having contact with a lot of companies. But what does it actually mean and why am I motivated to do it? This is a question that will be answered in the upcoming article. At first I will talk about my motivation to start a board year. Second, I will elaborate more on the tasks performed regarding my function within Asset | Economics. Third, the tasks I have within the Acquisition Meeting of Asset General will be explained. At last, I will give a short insight in my personal development and goals in order to be able to explain that doing a board year is not only fun, but also very useful for your future career.

Motivation Board Year
At the beginning of last year, I was not even thinking about doing a board year. I was working at BDO at that time and everything was going fine. However, I needed to write my thesis and I was not sure if working full time at the age of 22 was really what I wanted. Therefore, I kept on thinking about what to do. Many thoughts crossed my mind, such as travelling for half a year, doing a board year or working. Then I was making all the pros and cons of a board year. This finally resulted in having a lot of pros and only 1 con. The con was that I would ‘’lose’’ a year of work experience. There were a lot more pros to state. I wanted to develop myself, because I noticed in my work experience that I was lacking structure. Always when there were several tasks at once which needed to be finished, it was hard for me to keep a clear structure. Next to that, working together with my fellow board members from Asset gives me a great opportunity to develop my communication skills within groups. These were two of my main reasons to do a board year, next to the fact that a board year is very exciting. It was no doubt for me that there will be a lot of awesome activities and events during a board year.


Life as Vice chairman of Asset | Economics

Dear reader,

This week it is my honor to be able to tell you guys a bit about what it means to be the Vice Chairman of Asset | Economics. But let me first introduce myself. My name is Tim van Doorn (22 years old) and I am currently finishing my BSc. Economics. I was born in the beautiful southern town of Roermond and have been doing committee work at Asset | Economics for 3 years before I became the Vice Chairman of Asset | Economics.

What is a Vice Chairman?

The title of Vice Chairman might seem a bit vague to you, because of that I think it is useful if I explain this a bit. First of all, everybody at Asset uses the name Vice instead of Vice Chairman. The main reason for this is because Vice Chairman sounds a bit too formal for the tasks and responsibilities that come with my function. Because of that I will only use the term Vice in this article!

The main responsibilities of a Vice entail the contact and wellbeing of our members. This goes for both active and passive members. I do about 2 or 3 conversations with the active members per year to make sure everyone feels at his/her place at our lovely study association. So if a member has any complaints about the board, their committee, their fellow members or something in their personal life they can share this with me and I will make sure we do something about it (100% confidentiality of course)!  You could say that I am the main contact person of our board for all members. Because of this, I try and maintain a good contact with all of the active members which is one of the main aspects of my function that I love.