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Festival season in the Netherlands

The time has been changed, days are longer, the sun is brighter and the temperature is on the rise. Spring is here and with summer just around the corner, people’s moods and behavior take more and more a positive turn. Even our consuming behavior changes as the weather allows and sometimes demands an occasional ice cream or an outdoor barbecue with a freezing beer. An industry that is technically cyclical to the movement of the seasons is the festival industry. It is no surprise that more festivals are organized around this period. However, the numbers in the Netherlands are astonishing as this is a rapidly growing industry that pulls more and more people both on a national and international level every year.


Business Night, building a legacy

April 3 2017: over 500 people witnessed the very first edition of the Business Night. Grand opening of the Economic Business weeks Tilburg (EBT), the Business Night was the showcase of what Tilburg is capable of. Every single one of the 5 speakers was a capo di capi in his field: from the CEO of Randstad to the Global Head of Sustainability at ING.

Talent Day 2016: a career in the making?

On November 30th, the Talent Day from Asset | Economics took place. Five companies presented themselves and offered workshops and casestudies to the Master-students and third-year Bachelor students in Economics. The idea of the day is to prepare students for the labor market and to let them meet possible future employees.


Inside the Kitchen of a Company

One of the key pillars of Asset | Economics is to bring the student in contact with companies. That is exactly the goal of the Inside the Business Day, which took place last week. Over 100 people had subscribed for the cases of EY, RBB Economics, CBS and the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment. And a large majority joined the drink afterwards to share their experiences. EY was happy to notice that two students had applied for their Business Course on the very same evening: that’s the best news a recruiter can get.

ecb building

Frankfurt Excursion of seminar Financial Economics by prof. dr. Eijffinger

Last Thursday, June 9, the master students of the seminar Financial Economics taught by Prof. dr. Eijffinger joined the Frankfurt Excursion organized by Asset | Economics. This year I, Rick Strengnaerts as treasurer of Asset | Economics, had the great pleasure of coordinating this trip and organizing it in cooperation with Prof. dr. Eijffinger. The yearly excursion to the European Central Bank and, as new addition this Year, Deutsche Bundesbank is only eligible for students taking part in the seminar Financial Economics. Every year it is a greatly appreciated trip and good addition to the course.


Pride and Prejudice

In January this year, I paid a visit to Naples. It was in the end of my exchange period in Budapest. I wanted to see if there were some cheap flights to warmer places. Budapest is a winter wonderland as long as there’s snow, but as soon as the snow has molten the city becomes an open-air ice bar – only without the free shots.

EconomicDinner 2015_12_01_97

50 Porsches and Mark Rutte: the Economics Dinner in a nutshell

There was once a beautiful December evening in Tilburg. The food tasted delicious and was served magnificently, the attendees were dressed up very classy, the moon was shining through the trees, it was a wonderful evening. It all sounded too good to be true, but it actually was. This in short was the story of the fifth edition of the Economics Dinner, hosted by one of the committees of Asset | Economics. Let me briefly take you through my evening as a participant of this recruitment dinner at Villa de Vier Jaargetijden, from the moment I entered this ancient building until the last sip of a Hertog Jan Beer. 

InBusDay 09-23-15_332

Inside the Business

On Wednesday September 23 the second Inside the Business Day was organized by Asset | Economics. CZ, Priogen, Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions, and Van Lanschot challenged the 72 participating students with a case. Students were selected to participate in two cases that covered the entire afternoon.