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Inge van der Knaap

Inge van der Knaap is currently studying for her Bachelor in Economics. Next to her study she writes for Off the Charts and she is mainly interested in sustainable development, social impact, poverty and inequality, but also in issues concerning the field of health economics.


Climate change and the refugee crisis may be linked

It is a topic barely discussed during campaigns and debates for the Dutch elections: climate change. And more precisely, how to limit global warming and its consequences. A topic that was hotly debated, however, was the refugee crisis. In this article, I will discuss why climate change and the refugee crisis may be linked and urge for a greener society.

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The Healthcare Dilemma

We all want the best care when it comes to our health. Yet at the same time we don’t like increases in the money we need to pay for insurance. According to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics the costs of healthcare rose from approximately 80 bln in 2008 to 95 bln in 2014. And they will most likely be rising further in the future, especially due to our ageing population. It is important to keep our health system sustainable. In the future, people also deserve the healthcare they need.