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Fee Schakenraad

Fee Schakenraad has obtained her master’s degree in Economics last July. After a three month adventure in Spain, studying Spanish, she is now hunting for a challenging job.

Economen bootcam

Job Hunting

Some months ago, I wrote about my adventure of studying Spanish in Valencia. At this moment, I am back in the game. Back in the Netherlands and deep into the process of searching for jobs. The student life is really ending right now. A new adventure may start soon, hopefully! The question is: how do you find out what you want to do? One of the things to do is visiting InHouse days. So, that is what I did on Wednesday 18th of January. Early in the morning I took the train to The Hague. Off to the “Economen Bootcamp” of the Dutch government.


Don’t worry: there is life after graduating!

A year ago I could no longer deny that the time of studying was coming to an end. Many of you will recognize the helpless feeling of having all the possibilities in the world but not a clue of what to do next. To decide I made a list of all possible plans: finding a job, doing another study, go traveling and more. I made a list of countries where I could go to for traveling or studies. I consulted a lot of friends and had some sleepless nights because of all the freedom I had. Suddenly my old dream of studying Spanish returned. Years before I did the beginners course of Spanish at the Language Center of the university. For the ones that don’t know: you can study languages for free at Tilburg University (with the vouchers all students receive). I cannot encourage you more to do so. Learning a language opens a new world, a new way of thinking and a lot of people to talk to. However, the best and most fun way to learn a language is of course to learn it in a country where they speak the language. Last September I flew to Valencia and went back to school.

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We Are Free to Make Our Own Decisions! Really?

Watch this movie where Dan Ariely shows you that the framing of situations affects the choices you make. In his talk he questions the control we have over our own decisions. Find out that different donor registration systems tremendously changes the percentage of people that decides to be donor.  Discover that magazine subscription prices are strategically set. Hear who you should take with you when you go out to make sure you will find a flirt.


Dating and Mating through the Eyes of an Economist

The Economics study is often seen as a very practical, hard and feeling less way to approach the world. However, do not underestimate the use of calculations in daily life, knowledge sometimes is power. One of the most magical and difficult things in our existence is finding the love of your life. True love is something that we believe we cannot influence too much. Now it seems that an economic approach on dating can give valuable insights into dating and mating. Many problems arise in matching that are common in economics. For instance, finding a job might not be very different from finding a partner. Both parties should be happy to be matched.


Career prospect: just graduated Tessa van Acht

After four years of studying at Tilburg University, Tessa van Acht graduated for the master Economics during the summer of 2015. Currently trying to get my master’s degree I am interested in how Tessa is doing now. What job did she find and how did she manage to do it? You can read below a possible career path of a recently graduated Master Economics student.

mobiel netwerk

Keep in Touch without a Mobile Network

Most of you have experienced the problems of losing friends out of sight during festivals and being unable to find each other again. Contacting through telephone communication seems to be the solution; at least when you are connected to the network or internet. When many people are at the same place and time demanding telephone connection the current network seems not to be sufficiently strong for communication. Think about the attacks in Paris of this month. Terrorists could be able to lay down our network; communication is no longer possible. The consequences are terrifying to imagine.


Behavioral Economics: why is this a relevant economic subject? – an interview with prof. dr. Potters

As of this year, the master Economics has a changed curriculum. All students in the master will be trained with several methods skills that can be used in scientific research; during their master thesis. Moreover, these students will follow seminars about pension, financial economics, competition & regulation, sustainability & growth, public policies or behavioral economics. Behavioral Economics is a new track in the master economics. As of the academic year 2015-2016 students can choose to include psychological factors in existing economic theories. However, Behavioral Economics is not new to Tilburg University. For years, several professors have been doing research regarding Behavioral Economics and experimental economics.