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Frank Helgers

Frank Helgers is currently studying for his Business Economics bachelor degree. He is mainly interested in future societies in combination with economics and technology.

Sweden: the first cashless society?

Imagine a world without cash money. Everything you pay is done automatically, be it via bank cards or via electronic devices like mobile phones. Sweden is the first country in the world where this might happen in the near future. Even street vendors use nowadays mobile card readers to compensate for their lost income due to people who barely use cash anymore.

Artificial Intelligence and our daily lives

Artificial Intelligence is a term we know for ages. The ancient Greeks already had some ideas and philosophized about robots with human intelligence. With the Digital Revolution or ‘Digital Age’ of past years, AI has become more and more visible in our societies and our daily lives. The presence of AI will become even bigger in the coming years. There is a lot of debate surrounding Artificial Intelligence and its implications for future societies and humans in general.

why is the oil price so low?

Why is the oil price so low?

Oil prices have not been so low since over ten years. Nowadays the price of a barrel of oil is around $35. Late 2014, this was around $100, whereas the peak price before the financial crisis was around $150 per barrel. We all notice this to some extent at the gas stations. The price of a liter of diesel, for example, has dropped and is circulating around the €1 barrier. Why is this all happening?

The under-valued thing in our economies

Imagine going to a grocery store where every product is locked behind closed display cases because of safety measures. You have to ask the shopkeeper to come over every time you want something that is locked behind the closed display cases. When you pick, for instance, some apples, the first thing you have to do is taste one of them to check whether the quality of this apple is sufficient. Payment is only done by cash, because the shopkeeper is thereby sure he actually gets his hard-earned money.

‘Robots are taking our jobs’

We have seen it for decades: robots, machines or other artificial intelligence replacing tasks of humans in our workplace. But in recent years the idea of ‘robots taking our jobs’ is rising. Not only blue-collar jobs, like workers in factories, have to be taken in consideration, but also white-collar jobs will be involved in this process.