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Life as External Affairs Officer at Asset | Economics

Daan van den Hurk
Daan van den Hurk has finished his Master Accountancy at Tilburg University. Furthermore, he is the External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics in 2018-2019.

In this article, you will get an insight in the activities I am busy with during my function as External Affairs Officer at Asset | Economics. There are multiple tasks I am responsible for within our Board, but the most important one is maintaining contact with our partners. Probably many people already know and understand that I am having contact with a lot of companies. But what does it actually mean and why am I motivated to do it? This is a question that will be answered in the upcoming article. At first I will talk about my motivation to start a board year. Second, I will elaborate more on the tasks performed regarding my function within Asset | Economics. Third, the tasks I have within the Acquisition Meeting of Asset General will be explained. At last, I will give a short insight in my personal development and goals in order to be able to explain that doing a board year is not only fun, but also very useful for your future career.

Motivation Board Year
At the beginning of last year, I was not even thinking about doing a board year. I was working at BDO at that time and everything was going fine. However, I needed to write my thesis and I was not sure if working full time at the age of 22 was really what I wanted. Therefore, I kept on thinking about what to do. Many thoughts crossed my mind, such as travelling for half a year, doing a board year or working. Then I was making all the pros and cons of a board year. This finally resulted in having a lot of pros and only 1 con. The con was that I would ‘’lose’’ a year of work experience. There were a lot more pros to state. I wanted to develop myself, because I noticed in my work experience that I was lacking structure. Always when there were several tasks at once which needed to be finished, it was hard for me to keep a clear structure. Next to that, working together with my fellow board members from Asset gives me a great opportunity to develop my communication skills within groups. These were two of my main reasons to do a board year, next to the fact that a board year is very exciting. It was no doubt for me that there will be a lot of awesome activities and events during a board year.

Function specific tasks
As explained before, maintaining contact with our partners is one of my most important tasks within Asset | Economics. These partners are the reason of our existence. Without them we are not able to get students acquainted with business and their future career possibilities. We as Asset | Economics are there for students to be ask questions about problems they experience during their period of studying. Next to that I am doing hot and cold acquisition. This means that I am approaching companies, where I or my predecessor already had contact with (hot acquisition), or not (cold acquisition). Doing cold acquisition is fun, but most of the times very hard. These companies do not have any information about our association. Therefore, it makes it difficult to sell something to these companies. Even though it is very hard, it is the most satisfying feeling when a company is participating when you have approached them this way. Hot acquisition on the other hand, is easier to perform. These companies already have some information about our association, which makes it easier to go in depth about the added value for them. For companies, it has a lot of added value to participate in our events. Namely, they will have exposure amongst our third year bachelor and master students. Next to that, they are able to get in personal contact with these motivated students, which are looking for career opportunities. As a conclusion, doing acquisition allows us to fill all our career events and help students in a way that is beneficial for both parties.

Another important thing I am highly focusing on this year is helping Internationals. Our master Economics contains approximately 40 per cent Internationals. Therefore, I want to give them a possibility to find a job as well. This is getting better and better, because this year we had RBB Economics, Brightstone Group and Frontier Economics at our events. Next to that, I am personally texting some of the Internationals to get them in contact with the right person within the companies they want to apply to. Therefore, I want to keep on continuing this and I want to give the opportunity to them as well.

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Tasks within AM (Acquisition Meeting)
Within AM, I am participating in several taskforces. An example is the Active Member Card (AMC) taskforce. This taskforce is responsible for promoting all our AMC deals and think of ideas about how to expand our AMC deals. For instance, the SEBO plan to arrange big deals with Transavia, Swapfiets etc. Another taskforce is the Career Platform Tilburg (CPT) taskforce. In this taskforce we are responsible for maintaining a good website without bug fixes. Next to that we are making a guideline for recruiters to have access to our Career Platform. It is very interesting to see how much some little adjustments can change in the user friendliness of the website.

The last taskforce is the Asset Career Night taskforce, a new event which is replacing the Asset Inhouse Days (AID’s). This is one of my most intensive taskforces, because it takes a lot of time to organize a whole new event. Think about arranging the location, the prices for companies to participate, the structure of the evening etc. It takes a lot of time to have everything finished, before we can start with the acquisition. However, it is also my most interesting taskforce, because we are able to set up a whole new and awesome event! Within AM, I am also the vice acquisition coordinator. The acquisition coordinator is one of the chairmen of Asset general. He is responsible for bringing structure to meetings. Next to that, he takes care of the policy regarding acquisition goals, which are set by Asset | General. If the acquisition coordinator is not available to be there, I will take over these tasks.

Personal development and goals
The last point is about my personal development and goals. As mentioned before, I wanted more structure in my way of working and I wanted to have more Internationalization in our events. So far, I became more structured. I am now using Asana in order to keep track of all the tasks needed to be fulfilled. A thing that also helps me a lot is my Google Agenda. Last year I almost never used it, but now it brings me a lot more structure and I am not forgetting things as much as I did before. Regarding the Internationalization in events it is going very good as well. E.CA Economics already signed the contract for the Inside the Business Day and RBB Economics is visiting the Master Experience Day (MED) on March 18.

Another goal was to make the International Business Trip a 2 day event. Thanks to the committee it is finally achieved and we managed to make the International Business Trip a 2 day event. During these days we visited Docler Holding and KPMG Luxembourg. It was a lot of stress on forehand, because the signing of the contract by both parties took a while. However, in the end everything was solved and we were all able to make it a great event!

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