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Tim van Doorn
Tim van Doorn is finishing his bachelor Economics at Tilburg University. Furthermore, he is the Vice-chairman of Asset | Economics 2018-2019.

Dear reader,

This week it is my honor to be able to tell you guys a bit about what it means to be the Vice Chairman of Asset | Economics. But let me first introduce myself. My name is Tim van Doorn (22 years old) and I am currently finishing my BSc. Economics. I was born in the beautiful southern town of Roermond and have been doing committee work at Asset | Economics for 3 years before I became the Vice Chairman of Asset | Economics.

What is a Vice Chairman?

The title of Vice Chairman might seem a bit vague to you, because of that I think it is useful if I explain this a bit. First of all, everybody at Asset uses the name Vice instead of Vice Chairman. The main reason for this is because Vice Chairman sounds a bit too formal for the tasks and responsibilities that come with my function. Because of that I will only use the term Vice in this article!

The main responsibilities of a Vice entail the contact and wellbeing of our members. This goes for both active and passive members. I do about 2 or 3 conversations with the active members per year to make sure everyone feels at his/her place at our lovely study association. So if a member has any complaints about the board, their committee, their fellow members or something in their personal life they can share this with me and I will make sure we do something about it (100% confidentiality of course)!  You could say that I am the main contact person of our board for all members. Because of this, I try and maintain a good contact with all of the active members which is one of the main aspects of my function that I love.

Regarding the passive members, I do the lecture talks to promote becoming active, social activities or career events. I am also in charge of the promotion. After much blood, sweat and tears I acquired the skill of designing promotion material. The social media schedule also falls under my domain.

I do have a few more formal tasks. If Peter (our Chairman) cannot be present or cannot perform his tasks, I will jump in and make sure the association is well represented and the board meeting is led without any blood being shed. I also maintain the contact with the pub that sponsors us and make sure the legendary activities, monthly drinks, parties, career events, cantusses and sometimes even sports tournaments organized by Asset | Economics are well documented with my camera.

Champions leaugue

Boardie at Asset

The biggest source of energy for me during this year is the life at the first floor of Esplanade Building of Tilburg University. This is where we have our headquarters, together with all the other Asset departments and many other study associations. This means that it is (almost) always busy and “gezellig” and there are many opportunities to  have a conversation or laugh with one of your members or any of the other boardies. I have made many new contacts during this year (formal but also on a personal level), which I think is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Asset Academy

All of the Vices of the seven Asset departments are together in a Faculty Wide Council named the Asset Academy. The Asset Academy is responsible for the promotion of Asset, the recruitment of new members and providing useful trainings and workshops. Our main challenge of the year is the TOP week! During this week it is of uttermost importance that we promote Asset in the best way possible so as many new students will be convinced to become a member and join the 6000 other members of Asset. This is quite a big responsibility, but also a lot of fun since you get the chance to organize amongst others a splashing party and a cool games day!


If you are a board member of Asset | Economics, you are also the coordinator of a few committees. My committees are relatively large. I am the coordinator of the Lustrum, Events, Freshmen, Symposium and since a few weeks of the Charity Committee (more information about these committees can be found at our beautiful website). Especially The Lustrum Committee is quite the challenge this year. A Lustrum is the celebration of a 5 year anniversary of an association and this year Asset | Economics organizes it’s second Lustrum during a Lustrum week. The week contains many different parties and activities and will be concluded with a luxury gala at Priorij Corsendonk in Belgium. It feels like a great honour to be responsible for such an important activity!

What have I learned so far?

The first half of my board year has flown by and I can honestly say that I have learned a great deal already! Since I have to work a lot with many different types of people, I have noticed that my soft skills are improving. Speaking to large audiences, small talk and presenting myself in a formal matter go way more smoothly now than before. I also feel a bit more assertive. If you or your board run into a problem, you quickly notice that it is best to act as soon as possible and be resourceful. This is in my opinion a very valuable skill and lesson!

I hope this article was useful, readable and perhaps even interesting for you guys. If you want to know more about my function or any other things related to Asset | Economics you can always contact me through the mail or come by at the Esplanade building for a delicious cup of free coffee!

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