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Life as treasurer of Asset | Economics

Jiri van Baren
Jiri van Baren is doing his bachelor Economie en Bedrijfseconomie at Tilburg University. Furthermore, he is the treasurer of Asset | Economics 2018-2019

In this week’s Off the Charts article, I want to give you all more insight i what it is like being the treasurer of Asset | Economics.

At first, let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Jiri van Baren, I am 22 years old and did three years of committee work at Asset | Economics before I applied for a board year at Asset | Economics. I am currently in my Bachelor “Economie en Bedrijfseconomie” and still playing soccer in my hometown.

Why am I doing a board year?

I applied for a board year because of several reasons. One of these reasons is that it seemed like a great opportunity to develop certain skills you can only develop in practice Examples of these skills are leading meetings and solving problems. Next to this, it is a nice addition to my resume since I only had to do 1 course and my bachelor thesis at the start of this year. Lastly, I think a board year can bring a lot of beautiful and fun moments, which is definitely important!

To give you an idea about my tasks during the week, I will tell something about both the financial aspect and other matters at Asset | Economics. Furthermore, I will give an insight in the financial tasks I am doing for Asset in general, besides Asset | Economics.

Financial tasks Asset | Economics

As treasurer of our study association, my main job is to keep our association financially stable. This starts by making an adequate budget and update the expectations regularly to foresee any deviations in time. Secondly, the committee’s budgets needs to be checked since there is always a possibility to make some mistakes (regarding tax regulations for example). Next to that, handling the incoming and outgoing invoices is a big part of my financial tasks. Handling these invoices consists of making sure the outgoing invoices to companies are paid in time. On the other hand, all incoming invoices need to be booked in the online accountancy program Asset uses (Twinfield) and need to be paid before the due date. To see whether the balance sheet and P&L account are correct, the Audit of Accounts is checking and helping me four times a year to make sure the financials are done properly.

bank-banknotes-bills-210705Other tasks Asset | Economics

All the board members have non-function specific tasks. For me, most of these tasks consist of coordinating five committees. The committees are quite different and next to the committee meetings this leads to all kind of different situations. That is why sometimes you are busy with an event of the sports committee and at another moment you are making sure the subsidy for the Study Tour has been requested in time. Apart from coordinating committees, there are certain tasks that are neither allocated to a committee nor to a function in the board. These tasks are divided between all the board members depending on how busy that person is at that moment.

Every Monday morning there is a board meeting where we give updates about both Asset general and Asset | Economics. This moment is also used to discuss several things or get advice from each other.

Financial tasks Asset general

Each department’s treasurer is expected to do some financial tasks for Asset general. This means that you are having meetings with the other treasurers normally once a week. In these meetings financial matters with regard to, for example, (Lustrum) events are discussed. Besides these treasurer meetings, each treasurer has several portfolios at Asset general. I am handling the invoices addressed to Asset and will think of new investment opportunities. As you might have read in Peter’s article, the chairman is expected to spend around 50% of their time to Asset general and 50% of their time to their own department. This is not the case in my function, I am mostly busy with tasks for Asset | Economics.

What did I learn during the first semester?

If you would ask me what I learned the most during this year so far, I would say it’s the ability to solve problems in a quick and good way. At the end, not every task or project is going as smooth as you expected beforehand. Next to that, working in a team is something I learned to do better. This means helping others out on the one hand but asking for help and advice on the other hand. Asking someone for advice is something that I didn’t do a lot before and I think that a board year in general can challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and develop yourself in all different ways.

I hope that I gave you a proper insight on what it is like to be the treasurer of Asset | Economics. If any questions or remarks arise, you are more than welcome to walk by at our rooms to ask me all about it!

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