Jamy: our Secretary/External Affairs Officer!

Last but not least, I will shed some light on my daily tasks. First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jamy van Breda and I am the Secretary/External Affairs Officer of the board of 2017/2018.

As the Secretary/External Affairs Officer of the board, you have a variety of responsibilities and possibilities. 

My responsibilities as Secretary include keeping the website up-to-date, taking care of the year planning, maintaining the Facebook and LinkedIn page of Asset | Economics,  writing and sending the monthly mail of Asset | Economics, writing the minutes of the weekly board meetings, Department Members Meetings (DMM) and the Board of Advice meetings (BoA), maintaining the administration of both Asset | Economics and Asset general and being representative in the weekly Secretary’s Meetings (SM) and bi-weekly Webmaster Meetings (WM).

The thing that makes this position so beautiful is that I have a double function. Next to my tasks as Secretary I am also the second External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics. Which means I am responsible for all contact with companies, associations and external parties. I am ultimately responsible for the acquisition for formal events, maintaining contact with existing partners as well as recruiting new partners. As External Affairs Officer I am also participating in the Acquisition Meeting (AM) together with Job, my fellow External Affairs Officer. 

I will elaborate on my tasks by talking you through my agenda of last week. The week always starts with our weekly board meeting, during which I am writing the minutes. After that meeting I freshened up the mailbox of Asset | Economics by placing mails in the right folder as well as answering all unanswered mails. When I was ready with the emails I finalized the year planning of Asset | Economics, which is always quite a puzzle. While planning I have to take into account that our formal and informal events are planned around Asset events, other department events as well as university wide events and vacation days.

Since the board application procedure has started for the Asset | Economics board of 2018-2019, my Tuesday morning started with a meeting about the applications. Followed up by a meeting with the International Business Trip committee to evaluate our trip to Brussels, where we visited three consulting companies with 25 students. My afternoon started with a Tasty Tuesday edition, which is a monthly lunch event we organize as Asset | Economics for our active members. After Tasty Tuesday I had a Webmaster Meeting, these meetings take place weekly and during these meetings topics like layout and functionality of the website are discussed. We are currently working on developing a new website, which will be launched at the end of the summer. During this process I am the representative of Asset | Economics and I will be making decisions on behalf of our department.  At half past three I planned a telephone conversations with one of our partners to evaluate their participation in the Master Experience Day. I concluded my day by testing the new member administration system since we are currently in the middle of switching to a new administration system.

My Wednesday started with checking whether our website is still up to date, what is also one of my responsibilities. Furthermore I spent almost half of my Wednesday on designing the new Partner Brochure in InDesign. In this Partner Brochure all possibilities of cooperation between Asset | Economics and external parties are explained, which include our events and exposure possibilities. On Wednesday the weekly Secretary’s Meeting also took place, we evaluated the new administration system as well as started writing a plan for adapting to the new ‘Privacy wet’.

On Thursday I had another call appointment with one of our partners to discuss our cooperation for next year. After which I had a meeting with the Asset Inhouse Days taskforce. During these meeting I am writing a sustainable plan for the Asset Inhouse Days together with three other External Affairs Officers.  Later that day I had another meeting with them and all other External Affairs Officers of Asset, namely the weekly Acquisition Meeting. In the Acquisition Meetings the faculty-wide events are discussed and an acquisition update is given by each department. This Acquisition Meeting I had the pleasure to write the minutes, which I finished later that day. After finishing the minutes it was time for a date with all External Affairs Officers during which we played soccer.  

I concluded my week with a partner conversation in Breda, together with Job. During such a partner conversation we talk through our possibilities of cooperation. We internalize the needs of the company and then we try to match them to the needs of our students. Once we were back at the office I wrote the monthly mail, which is send to all our 900 members. I always end my week with preparing our next board meeting by updating the board agenda.

Week Jamy
To conclude, being the Secretary/External Affairs Officer is a diverse and challenging job which develops your creative and professional skills during the year. I can keep talking about my function as Secretary/External Affairs Officer but my article is already quite long. Still want to know more? Feel free to ask me in person or contact me via

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