Vice-Chairman Desiré, tell us about your year!

After the blog articles of Renee as Chairman and Job as External Affairs Officer, it is my turn to shed some light on what I do as the Vice-Chairman of Asset | Economics. Before I started this year I had a lot of questions about what this function actually included, and whether this would be a good fit for me. You might have the same questions as I did then. Continue reading to find out more about what I do on a daily basis.

What are the main tasks of a Vice-Chairman?

As a Vice-Chairman, my main responsibility is the contact with active members. It already starts at the beginning of the year where I have an individual conversation with each (potential) active member to find the right committee for them. Currently we have 96 active members. Besides this, I am also responsible for the coordination of most committees. This year I am responsible for coordinating the Activities Committee, Economics Battle Committee, Freshmen Committee and the Yearbook Committee. You can imagine that this already takes up quite some time of my week as I have weekly meetings with all four of these committees. Some meetings take longer than others. For example for an active member weekend you will need a location, multiple activities, a budget, a registration form etc. When such an event is coming up meetings usually take longer.

Another important part of my function is the communication towards active members, whether it is via Whatsapp to tell them where the monthly drink takes place or via Facebook to invite all the active members for our Tasty Tuesday lunch event. Or even face to face to remind members of picking up the tickets or just to ask how they are doing. Also when an active or non-active member has any questions, I am the person he or she can go to. I am the face of the board towards active members, therefore I try to keep in touch with all 96 of our members as much as possible.

So are you only busy with active members?
No, besides the active member part, I am mainly responsible for all the promotion of Asset | Economics. This includes all sorts of things, like a flyer for the Frankfurt Excursion, a Facebook banner for the Master Activity, a poster for the Blockchain Symposium, constitution cards, Economics logos on pictures and many other things. Almost all promotion is designed by me via InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. It takes quite some time to learn the program, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite fun to do.

Just like any other board member I also have my weekly meetings with Asset General. For me those meetings will consist out of all the Vice-Chairmen of the 7 Asset departments. In those meetings we will discuss things like general promotion both online and offline, the TOP-week, new designs and make sure all the faculty wide events (like the COdE and Food for Thought sessions) are coordinated properly.

On top of this, within the board Asset | Economics everyone has different ‘projects’ that will be his or her responsibility throughout the year. For me this is making sure all the guidelines are up to date for all the bachelor courses as well as the master courses. This can be quite a struggle at times as the books are continuously changing. Another project is the Exchange Dinner, which I will organize together with a committee of IB&M.

What are the highlights of a board year as Vice-Chairman so far?
Successful activities! I spent a lot of time organizing activities, formal and informal, alone or with a committee. It is a great feeling to deliver an event which everyone enjoys and which is considered useful. It even makes me feel a little bit proud when we attend an event like the Asset Gala with over 40 people. Economics is always well represented! Also the process of organizing things is really fun. Together with committees you can get really creative. If there is something which I am really excited about, I always have some opportunity to organize it (as long as our treasurer Jeroen allows it of course). It is a really nice way of working with and for so many active members.

Besides that I have a really good bond with my fellow board members and get along really well with all the active members. It feels like working with a close group of friends everyday, which really is the best thing there is. We support each other if something might not go as planned and motivate each other to bring out the best result possible. For example, I had some troubles finding a company for one of our events. Then I always have my board members who have my back and we will work as a team to make it work. Also when things turn out great, such as a very well visited freshmen event, we celebrate together. It is all about the balance, during the day we work really hard and then in the evenings we can have some really great nights full of escalation. I always say it is the best of both worlds: you learn a lot of things but simultaneously have one of the best years of your life.

What have you learned so far during this year?
Often I have to do so many things at short notice, I really had to learn how to prioritize things. For example: Someone unexpectedly comes in to have an active member talk, but also someone from another Asset department comes in to ask if I can quickly make a design for an invitation. Simultaneously I am trying to send out an email towards a teacher for a lecture talk which needs to be send today. Also I am reading through the minutes to find the hidden word before my activities committee meeting starts in 5 minutes. Throughout the year I have learned to prioritize such things and handle my tasks better. I have also experienced that even though you might have planned out everything beforehand, at the last minute some things can unexpectedly change. This has taught me to handle unexpected situations better. And most of all, I have met so many new people both in a formal and informal setting, and I can honestly say my network skills and social skills have really grown over the year.

If you have any other questions about a board year at Asset | Economics, or about my function specifically, feel free to contact me via

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