My week as the Chairman of Asset | Economics

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Renee Hekerman and currently, I am the chairman of Asset | Economics. In September, we were officially installed as board, but what are you doing as a chairman all day long? Because admit it, this position is the vaguest of all… So that’s a question I often get and therefore I would finally like to give you some insight in my week.

It’s monday morning, the first day after the christmas holiday. I have to get used to getting up early again but I’m excited. The christmas break gave me some new energy and I haven’t seen my boardies for 2 weeks (which feels like forever). The board meeting starts at 9 a.m. but before we officially start the meeting, we always give each other an update of our weekend or vacation first. During our board meeting, we discuss the daily operations of Asset | Economics and Asset. As a chairman, I have to lead the meeting and discussions. After the meeting, we open the rooms, check our mail and start working. Lina, the chairman of Asset, often steps by after the board meeting to give me some updates about Asset and the University. At 1 P.M. I have my bi-weekly meeting with Career Services, because besides being the chairman of Asset | Economics, I am also part of the board of Asset. In this board, I hold the position of acquisition coordinator, for which my responsibilities include the coordination of the external affairs officers of all 7 departments, coordination of all faculty wide career events and strengthening the cooperation with Asset and the university. Directly after that meeting, I have another meeting with the program coordinator of the Master Economics. Yes, as a chairman, your day is full of meetings. After these meetings, I return to the rooms to finish the rest of my work. At 4 P.M. I got a call from Univers. They are going to interview me as a preview for the panel discussion in which I take part on the ‘Doughnut Economics’. In the evening, we have a meeting with the Advisory Council of Asset, in which they give us advice on the policy and strategy of Asset.maandag

I wouldn’t be a chairman, if I didn’t start the day with a meeting. On Tuesday morning, we have our board meeting with the board of Asset. As this board is filled with chairmen, this often leads to spectacular (and long-winded) discussions. In the afternoon, I have my weekly room duty at Asset. I update my mailbox and work on other tasks.
In the evening, we have a date with student party SAM to get to know them. We do this with every association we often cooperate with, but due to our busy schedules, this couldn’t be planned earlier. At 10 P.M. we go to the Philip, where the new board of Marketing is announced, so that we could end the day with some beers.dinsdag


My wednesday is filled with preparations. First, I have to make the agenda for the meeting with the academic director of the master Economics for upcoming week. In this meeting, we evaluate the events and cooperation of the first semester, discuss the events for upcoming semester but we also brainstorm in what way Asset | Economics and TiSEM can serve the students even better. After that, I have to write the text for the semi-annual report. In the semi-annual report, we elaborate on what we have been doing the first semester and give an update on the policy. In the afternoon, I am going to write the new cooperation plan for Master Experience Days and prepare the New Years Drink for all the boardies in building E. I organized this together with some other boardies, so we could all cheers together to a new year. I however had to leave early, since I have a dinner at Cinecitta prior to the panel discussion of the ‘Doughnut Economics’. As the chairman of Asset | Economics, I was asked to take part in the panel and react on the book. After an intense discussion, I have to leave again to go to the announcement drink of Asset | Accounting & Finance.woensdag

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Besides doing my daily tasks, I have several meetings on Thursday. The events committee is dividing the tasks for the cantus, which takes place on February 28. In the afternoon, the acquisition meeting takes place of which I am the coordinator. Every department gives it’s acquisition updates and several other topics are discussed like the Master Experience Days and Asset Inhouse Days. It’s my duty as coordinator to make sure the rules are being followed and the discussion are guided properly. After the meeting, I have to fill in my updates of the past week in the board agenda for monday and prepare for the Board of Advice session, which takes place in the evening. These meetings are very relevant for us as board, since we get advice from experienced board members and they might have a different view on certain topics. After the BoA session, we have to hurry to the Philip, since we have the third announcement drink of the week from Asset | International Business & Management.

Friday, the last day of the week. We have to get up early, since we have a board training from Ormit. We have had a training in September already and this is the follow-up training. In the morning, we discuss where we stand as a board and what we still want to achieve together. In the afternoon, we have something similar to a tip-top session. Unfortunately, nobody cried so we could start the weekend with a big smile!

If you have any questions for me, as Chairman, or questions regarding a board year, my tasks, our policy, Asset or something else? Just send an email to chairman@asset-economics.nlAgenda blog

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