My week as the External Affairs Officer of Asset | Economics

Monday morning 8AM: *BEEP BEEP BEEP*

It is Monday morning again. I am getting ready for the start of the week: the board meeting with my fellow board members. The meeting takes between two and three hours. But today was different, we had to keep it short. Jamy (Secretary & External Affairs Officer), Renee (Chairman) and I had to catch the train to Amstelveen. The yearly Board Day of KPMG took place. KPMG is one of our business partners and we were invited to join the day with the three of us. I am responsible for all the contact with KPMG, so it was a good opportunity to meet all KPMG recruiters and even other boards from study associations from all over the country. During the day we did an interesting case after which we drove to ‘the Jordaan’ for a very nice cooking workshop and wine tasting!

This Tuesday I had the so called room-duty. Which means it is my task to start all computers and to open Rooms E.104, E.105 and our shared room with Asset | Marketing E.101 at 9AM. My Tuesday morning is always filled with acquisition. During my weekly acquisition moments, Tuesday morning and Thursday morning, I am looking for new partners, exposure possibilities for companies within our association and companies who want to participate in our career events.

The afternoon was filled with two meetings. Jamy and I have the AMC (Asset Member Card) portfolio within AM (Acquisition Meeting, this is the meeting with all external affairs officers of all departments from Asset). So in the afternoon we had a meeting with two people from AA (Asset Academy, meeting with all vice-chairmen of Asset) regarding the promotion of the AMC. Besides that, I had a meeting with Renee and Prof. Smulders, professor in the master Economics. During the meeting we talked about the upcoming Talent Day in February, evaluated the Inside the Business Day and we evaluated the registrations of the Economics Dinner. At the end of the day I did some some final preparations for the Economics Dinner, which is taking place tomorrow, and answered some emails. After that I prepared myself for the evening, which was filled with a committee date with the ACOM committee!

As a coordinator of the Blog Committee, I joined Jerôme Crijns for an interview on Wednesday with former active member and alumnus from Tilburg University: Ellen Klijnstra. She is currently working at KPMG and we were honored to interview her about her job and life after studying. On the way back from the interview I did some work in the train. In Tilburg I had an appointment at the Polly Maggoo to sign the AMC contracts of the Polly and Café Bakker. While enjoying a nice coffee I checked my mailbox and did some final phone calls for the Economics Dinner.

Together with the Economics Dinner committee I had the final responsibility for the night. We enjoined a nice three course dinner at Villa de Vier Jaargetijden. During the dinner five companies could promote and recruit for their internships, traineeships and starters positions. The dinner is the perfect possibility for me to meet the recruiters once again besides the yearly summer meetings and to update each other.

Thursday was a day with two long AM meetings. Normally there’s only one Acquisition Meeting but today we scheduled two due to changes in the format of the Orientation Days. During a normal AM everyone gives each other an update about their acquisition, acquisition for the Asset Inhouse Days and also AMC deals are discussed. Before, after and today in between an AM Jamy and I always discuss the current affairs which will be discussed in AM to make sure we represent the same opinion. After AM it was time to relax during the Thirsty Thursday and a committee date with the Study Tour committee.

Friday, the last day of the week, it is always a surprise how the day will look like. Sometimes not a lot of members are present at the rooms, sometimes it can be very busy. The same goes for companies, sometimes a lot of mails come in, and sometimes everyone is already enjoying their weekend. This Friday I was busy with the aftercare of the Economics Dinner and updating our website. Think about scheduling evaluation call appointments, selecting pictures and sending them to the companies, mailing the restaurant and updating the vacancies and events on our website. Late on Friday afternoon we wrap up, leave the rooms clean and all go home to enjoy our weekend!

If you have any questions for me, as the External Affairs Officer, or questions regarding a board year, my tasks, our partners, vacancies or something else? Just send an email to externalaffairs@asset-economics.nlimage1

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