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Fee Schakenraad
Fee Schakenraad has obtained her master’s degree in Economics last July. After a three month adventure in Spain, studying Spanish, she is now hunting for a challenging job.

Some months ago, I wrote about my adventure of studying Spanish in Valencia. At this moment, I am back in the game. Back in the Netherlands and deep into the process of searching for jobs. The student life is really ending right now. A new adventure may start soon, hopefully! The question is: how do you find out what you want to do? One of the things to do is visiting InHouse days. So, that is what I did on Wednesday 18th of January. Early in the morning I took the train to The Hague. Off to the “Economen Bootcamp” of the Dutch government.

At 8:45 all participants were warmly welcomed at the central station. Then we walked all together to the first stop: the ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. After a short introductory speech, we were introduced to the first case of the bootcamp. The subject of interest was the matter with flexible and fixed contracts in the labor market. Nowadays less fixed contracts are given to employees, which result in more unemployment and many other problems. The message to the students was: advise the minister of this department about decreasing the differences between flexible and fixed contracts to make fixed contracts more attractive. After working on this all groups pitched their ideas.

Next up: the ministry of Economic affairs. After a short walk, we entered another interesting building. At the ministry of Economic affairs secretaris-generaal Maarten Camps took some time to talk to us and inspired us by talking about his career path. Then it was time to refill our engines with a nice lunch, during which we had the opportunity to talk several employees of the ministry. The next case was up. The mission was clear: finding consensus within three ministries about a proposed change. Debating techniques came in easy in this part. Luckily, we managed to agree on the proposal and we could go on to the next and last stop: Ministry of Finance.

After another walk and warm welcome, we arrived at our last destination of the bootcamp. The structure of the ministry and the way a budget is made were shown. Then it was up to us. The last part of the day we spent by making a budget. Which is not easy at all! Rules apply to budgeting and good argumentation is very important to get what you think you need. To close the bootcamp down there was an interactive quiz, some very good food and the opportunity to talk some more to the recruiters and employees.

All in all, this bootcamp was very interesting, and a bootcamp for real: three cases and all the impression are pretty tiring. My view of working for the government is much better now. There are working a lot of young people that are talented and motivated to help the Netherlands develop. Especially for Economic students the subjects are very interesting. I think there is almost no other place where you can apply the economic knowledge from university that well. Above all, the cases are for sure intellectually challenging.

After reading this article you might be interested yourself to get to know more about working for the Government. If so, I have good news for you! You have the opportunity to meet some people that are working for the Government during the EBT. If you want to know more right away, visit the website During the bootcamp they mentioned that they are always looking for interns and young talent.

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