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Yvonne Jamar is currently finishing up her master degree in Economics. Yvonne has done several committees at Asset|Economics. This year she joined the blog committee and the multimedia committee. She has a special interest in behavioral economics, political economics and current events.

In the United States a silly idea emerged which is called YesCalifornia. Inspired by the Brexit, they are a group who are actively promoting a Calexit. They are asking for the support of citizens on a referendum which would be held in March 2019 and could enable California to become an independent country. Since the presidential elections in November, this idea has grown quite a lot in popularity. What started out as a silly and sarcastic idea is now growing into a serious suggestion.

But how realistic is this idea really? Supporters in favor tell us that Califorinia’s economy is pretty much self-sufficient. The YesCalifornia campaign even claims that California is the sixth largest economy in the world. They state that their economy and population is large enough to be compared with European countries like France and Poland. This means that California is big enough to be compared and also to compete with countries, not just states.

The YesCalifornia campaign tells us that when California is an independent country they can improve their educational as well as their healthcare programs.  Besides that,  California’s  citizens would be able to keep their Social Security and Medicare rights, since they would be dual citizens of both California and the U.S.

However, in order for a Calexit to happen, a lot of hurdles still have to be overcome. The YesCalifornia campaign filed  a  proposed ballot which calls for the state to become an independent nation. They need over 500.000  valid signatures in order to qualify for the November 2018 ballot. YesCalifornia stated that it intends to begin collecting signatures following the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump in January 2017.  Only if enough signatures are collected, the referendum in 2019 can be held.  Besides this hurdle there are still more. In order for California to really leave the United States, first the state and national constitution have to be adapted. This can only happen with the consent and blessings of all the other 49 states.

So, who knows? Maybe in the future you’ll be watching Californian movies instead of American!



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