Talent Day 2016: a career in the making?

On November 30th, the Talent Day from Asset | Economics took place. Five companies presented themselves and offered workshops and casestudies to the Master-students and third-year Bachelor students in Economics. The idea of the day is to prepare students for the labor market and to let them meet possible future employees.

The Talent Day is, unlike the Inside the Business Day, much more about the students’ skills than about an insight in different organization. During the Inside the Business Day, students had to work with cases that were real problems faced by companies or organizations. The Talent Day, instead, offered workshops on applying for a job or to find out your individual talents. The workshops were fun, but could also be challenging. Students are not always used to giving a pitch or writing a motivation letter. Ormit, for example, really put the students to the test and students were positive about it.

15385475_1252399941472687_6602918573183539711_oThese were valuable workshops. Not many students are fully prepared to enter the labor market and know what to do and not to do at job interviews, or how to give a pitch. Equally valuable were the contacts which students could make with recruiters or presenters from companies during the lunch and the drinks afterwards. Several students also did a speed-date with a recruiter.

Presence at the Talent Day was mandatory for Master students, but was also open for Bachelor students. For international students, however, the Talent Day was sometimes considered less useful. They could obviously benefit from the skills they learned during the workshops, but most companies offered only vacancies for which you need to speak Dutch. Hopefully, next year there will be more internationally oriented companies.

So if you want to be confident when you enter the labor market, joining the Talent Day may be a good idea. It not only shows you what companies are looking for, but also it helps you to present yourself.

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