Inside the Kitchen of a Company

Jerôme Crijns
Jerôme Crijns has finished his Bachelor in EBE is now combining an internship with the Young Advisory Group. His field of interest varies from economy to psychology, with a particular focus on behavioral pricing. As soon as cars are involved in the news, he is there to report.

One of the key pillars of Asset | Economics is to bring the student in contact with companies. That is exactly the goal of the Inside the Business Day, which took place last week. Over 100 people had subscribed for the cases of EY, RBB Economics, CBS and the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment. And a large majority joined the drink afterwards to share their experiences. EY was happy to notice that two students had applied for their Business Course on the very same evening: that’s the best news a recruiter can get.

The cases were diverse. The Ministry was interesting because of its societal discussion: should the Netherlands maintain their minimum wage? Or increase? And why not abolish, as many of the ‘great examples’ in Scandinavia have no minimum wage at all? A lively discussion took place, similar to the case of RBB Economics. “We’re not legalists, we’re not econometricians either. We are economists who consider legal discussions in a logic way.” That’s something you won’t hear a lot of economists say. The common sense-approach was refreshing and challenging. A group of motivated students fired a series of questions, and the people from RBB Economics were happy to answer. CBS was popular because of its informal approach, showing that the right atmosphere is necessary in solving difficult problems.

The Inside the Business Day was the first career event of Asset | Economics this year. But surely, it wasn’t the last. Please check our Facebook page to view the pictures of the event.

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