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Frankfurt Excursion of seminar Financial Economics by prof. dr. Eijffinger

Rick Strengnaerts
Rick Strengnaerts is a MSc Economics student , currently doing a board year at Asset | Economics, who finished his bachelors writting his thesis on labor economics.

Last Thursday, June 9, the master students of the seminar Financial Economics taught by Prof. dr. Eijffinger joined the Frankfurt Excursion organized by Asset | Economics. This year I, Rick Strengnaerts as treasurer of Asset | Economics, had the great pleasure of coordinating this trip and organizing it in cooperation with Prof. dr. Eijffinger. The yearly excursion to the European Central Bank and, as new addition this Year, Deutsche Bundesbank is only eligible for students taking part in the seminar Financial Economics. Every year it is a greatly appreciated trip and good addition to the course.

Starting in the early morning we left Tilburg University at 7:15h and we were on our way to Frankfurt. We were blessed with a sunny day and had a great trip ahead of us. Our first stop was a visit to the Deutsche Bundesbank accommodated by ms Alexandra Köhler. We enjoyed a presentation on the role of the Deutsche Bundesbank within the European System of Central Banks. It was a custom made presentation giving a clear overview of what the Deutsche Bundesbank does with respect to the European Central Bank. Also, it showed the purpose of the Bundesbank in general within the Eurozone. For each purpose providing us with a clear example of what this entails for the Deutsche Bundesbank. Concluding the presentation Prof. dr. Eijffinger was handed a copy of a book produced by the Deutsche Bundesbank. It is widely used as a reference guide by teachers all over Germany. Finalizing our day we had a dinner at Borsalino Restorante an authentic Italian restaurant where Prof. dr. Eijffinger used to come during his time working for the European Central Bank.

The next day, Friday June 10, we got ready for the highlight of our excursion to Frankfurt am Main: a visit to the European Central Bank hosted by Mr. Radu Bosa. Not many people will have the opportunity to go inside one of the most important financial institutions in the world. The magnitude of the building is impressive, to eternalize this moment we took a group photo in front of the building as shown below.

Group Picture Frankfurt Excursion

Firstly, we had the opportunity to enjoy a presentation by ms Isabel Kerner a Principal Economist from the Division Market Operations Analysis. She brought us insight on the implementation of monetary policy in the euro area. More specifically, she provided an overview of standard and non-standard measures, an explanation on functioning and the impact of non-standard measures and a debate on current issues. After a short coffee break we invited back in to the presentation room (to reflect on the magnitude of that room, it is just a dozen feet from the conference room nobody less than the chairman of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi).

The second presentation was provided by Mr. Patrick Lunz an Economist from the Division European Institutions and Fora. His focus was on the coordination of economic policy in the EU. More specifically, he provided an overview of the current political environment and debate, the role of the European Central Bank and a debate on current issues. This presentation concluded our trip and we headed back to Tilburg University.

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