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Inside the Business

Leon Bremer
Leon Bremer is a MSc Economics student, specializing in Sustainability & Growth. His main interests are in social and environmental issues like pollution, inequality, financial crises, and sustainable growth.

On Wednesday September 23 the second Inside the Business Day was organized by Asset | Economics. CZ, Priogen, Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions, and Van Lanschot challenged the 72 participating students with a case. Students were selected to participate in two cases that covered the entire afternoon.

The aim of the Inside the Business Day is to familiarize students with companies that are working in the field of economics or related fields of study. For students this day might give insight in what a company does in practice or how the company is organized. During the cases students can get a touch of what the companies actually do. The cases are closely related to the actual work of the people presenting them, which should make it easier for the students to grasp what it is to work for that company. The cases should also give the students an opportunity to ask questions related to the companies. The open character of the cases aims to stimulate interaction.

What is in for the companies, you are wondering? The companies attending the event have the opportunity to promote their company and excite students for working at their company. Apparently they see chances to recruit some excellent students at Tilburg University.

Anneke Funk, chairman of the Inside the Business Committee at Asset | Economics looks back on the event. The setup of the day was as follows: “CZ, Priogen, Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions and Van Lanschot came to Tilburg University to present their real-life business case to two groups of students”.

So what did the participants gain from this day? About the gains for the students Anneke continues: “The Inside the Business Day on September 23rd gave students the chance to get some in-depth experience in the inner workings of the participating companies.” The cases indeed gave the participants an insight in the daily business activities of the companies. The cases are based on actual projects that the companies ran themselves.

“The chance to get some in-depth experience in the inner workings of the participating companies”

Although the case should already create an open atmosphere in which interaction is very much appreciated by the presenters of the cases, the students had the opportunity to speak to the employees in a more informal setting. “After an exciting day everybody could come to Tilbury’s for some drinks and a chance to have some one-on-one conversations with the representatives of the different companies”, reflects the chairman.

When adding up the balances at the end of the day, Anneke seems very positive. “Overall the day was a huge success! The committee has received a lot of positive comments from the students and some great feedback from the companies. Some even said they would love to get a call the next time this event is organized”. The Inside the Business committee is very enthusiastic about the day and there were many happy faces at the end of the day. The positive feedback promises a lot for next year’s Inside the Business day. Keep in touch with Asset | Economics and do not miss out on upcoming interesting career events.

Photo source: Eduard Cools (Asset | Economics)

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