Oculus rift, perception or deception of real life

Many people are looking forward to the public launch of the oculus rift. For people that don’t know what an oculus rift is: The oculus rift is a virtual reality headset that places the person in a virtual three-dimensional world where you could look around and do whatever you want. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the human mind.

You could for instance step into your favourite game or visit any place in the world. From the top of the mount Everest until the bottom of the ocean, where no person has ever been before. Of course this would be amazing and gives a lot of opportunities to visit places which you otherwise never would have visited. But this raises the question if this is a reflection of reality and people are aware of this projection of the reality. Or could it be that virtual reality and real life are getting to closely connected that people find it hard to make a distinction between them.
Imagine that your real life is extremely boring, you are an employee putting stickers in a box for 8 hours a day, and when you return home to your small apartment you are alone. This sounds kind of pathetic, but if you put your oculus rift on you could be a famous person, with a super interesting job and doing fun activities all day and have an insanely big house. This person probably knows his life is boring, but he has never experienced a different life before and with the oculus rift he can have another experience. His normal life would be even more disappointing and this could lead to serious depression. Although the oculus rift probably also develop a program so they have a function for a psychiatrist.

This is just an example that people are getting disappointed in life, but it can also be incredibly scary. There are many videos and reviews of professional gamers playing a horror game with the oculus rift and they all say they are never scared of horror movies and don’t feel a thing while playing a horror game for instance on the computer. But the physical reaction that got triggered by the brain when someone almost kills you gives a good show for the audience and almost a heart attack for the gamer. People tend to bend their neck backwards when they are almost hit, when it becomes scary people become tense.
I’m curious how far they continue to develop the oculus rift. Because with just a virtual reality 3D headset you can distinguish, with a little bit of practise, real life and the virtual life easily. Although if they manage to develop motion sensors or a suit that gives you the feeling of sand between your toes and sometimes a wave that hits you, real life and virtual life almost become on.

Many people, as myself, can’t wait until the release of the oculus rift. It gives you endless possibilities and I believe it can add a lot to your life experience. Because the oculus rift is an open platform, everyone one can create apps and upload them. This gives a lot of developers the opportunity to earn tons of money and it stimulates the amount of applications the oculus rift will have.
But in case of the oculus rift where human ideas are the boundary, you get pretty strange things that comes along with the oculus rift, I will give you several examples:
– you could fly as a bird. If you wave with you arms you fly right into the clouds. There is even a ventilator that blows air in your face to make it even more real.
– Of course the porn industry will change because of this virtual reality possibility. Japanese sex toy manufacturer takes it to a new level to make toys that are synchronized with the porn you watch.
– You can change your sex. If you connect with someone of the opposite sex this software switches the sight of both so I feels like you are the other person, this is pretty strange but they will use this in a program to test if someone is transgender.
– It is not really an application, but they invented a Oculus rift for chickens, yes indeed for chickens. The put the chicken with the headset on a moving platform, so they never feel locked anymore. It is really cool but extremely expensive to give every chicken a headset.
– You could bungee jump. This is in my opinion a dangerous one because if people do it too often, they can lose their perception. Next time they walk over a bridge without the Oculus rift and get the urge to jump, this could go terribly wrong.

But all in all, it is amazing how people are capable of creating such things and again, I can’t wait until the release!


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