Cycling Dinner October 22

Cycling Dinner

On the 22nd of October, the first ACOM activity took place. The activities committee hosted its first event of the year, a cycling dinner for our active members. The theme of the night was ‘Food and Drinks around the World’.

The active members were placed in groups of 2 or 3. Each group prepared their own course, which could be a starter, a main course or a dessert. For each course they moved to a new location somewhere in Tilburg to enjoy a delicious course. At each location there were paired with different groups, so they could chat with a lot of their fellow active members. The idea was to do everything by bicycle, but there was also a very lazy group that liked it more to drive, so they had a driving dinner.

Each group was assigned to a country. They could interpret this in their own way. Some of the groups cooked their meal according to their country. Other dressed up as in style of their country and other groups didn’t like their country so they switched to a completely different country. They had to make a picture of their creations and at the end of the evening, the activities committee rewarded the group with the best and most original interpretation of their country.

In the end everybody enjoyed a three course dinner including drinks, which was notable by some people, at three different locations throughout Tilburg. After finishing desserts, we went to Heuvel 15 with the whole group for our monthly drink. Paulien and Ruben had the best interpretation of their country so they were announced as the winners of the night! They won two lovely pink oven gloves and together we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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