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Asset | Economics Carnival Beer Cantus

Fee Schakenraad
Fee Schakenraad has obtained her master’s degree in Economics last July. After a three month adventure in Spain, studying Spanish, she is now hunting for a challenging job.

November 11 is a special date in the provinces Noord-Brabant and Limburg, as the famous party “Carnaval” starts from that point onwards. The actual festivities are in February, but in November the protagonist of the party, the prince, of Carnival will be chosen. As we live in Kruikenstad and we like to have a little party once in a while, the Promo Committee of Asset | Economics organized a beer cantus, themed Carnival.

Tuesday November 11, more than 50 students came over to Café Bet Kolen, dressed up in style. Some were transformed into police men, others turned out to be fairies and there were also a lot of different animals present. People sang along with famous Carnival and cantus songs and had a lot of fun. The first Asset | Economics was a success and there will follow more.

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